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We got one of the biggest names in streaming joining us today, Kai Cenat (@KaiCenat )! Kai shares the story of how he became one of the biggest voices in such a new space by just being himself and developing a relationship with his massive following. But this success didn't come easy, Kai spent years prioritizing his dreams of being an entertainer and content creator over partying and doing what everyone else was doing and now at the age of only 21 has already bought his mother a house and is still young enough to take his life in any direction imaginable. We're proud to see this young king killing the game and we'll be watching closely to see what's coming next! PRESENTING SPONSORS BodyArmor Available in stores nationwide but you can head on over to the BODYARMOR Store on Amazon at & get yours today! Ship Station Go to and use code GAME today and sign up for your FREE 60-day trial. 🥊 GILLIE & WALLO'S KNOCKOUT PARTY! 🥊 Tickets and PPV on sale NOW at 00:00 Intro 01:47 Kai Cenat’s Prison Live Stream 06:03 Coming Up in The Bronx 11:59 Rise To Fame, Authenticity, Impact of Money on Friendship 19:00 Importance of Supportive Parents & Good Friends 22:06 Staying Off the Streets with Video Games 24:56 Kai Cenat’s Youtube Channel and Team of Creators: AMP 30:15 Friends Who Want To See You Win 37:48 Wall Talks About His Experience In Jail 43:42 Kai Cent Talks About What It Takes To Be Successful 50:08 Gillie & Wallo’s Journey From Street Hustling To Successful Content Creators 56:05 The importance of staying focused, avoiding distractions, and putting in hard work to achieve success 1:02:20 Kai Cenat Doesn’t Take Money For Music Reviews 1:09:31 Kai Cenat’s Plans For The Future 1:15:22 Shout Out To Mr. Beast For Impact On YouTube

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📢 如果点击下载进入预览页,可尝试下载按钮右键链接另存为、右键使用 IDM 下载。
📢 对于视频没有声音的问题,可分别下载视频和音频然后使用下列两种方式解决 👇。
1. 使用 PotPlayer 合并视频音频播放
下载无声音的视频文件,并使用 PotPlayer ( 打开视频,播放界面鼠标右键 -> 打开 -> 载入音频 -> 文件类型选择「所有文件(*.*)」 -> 选择下载的音频文件(例如xxx.weba),现在视频就有声音了,如下图。
使用 PotPlayer 合并视频音频播放
2. 使用 FFmpeg 合并视频音频为一个文件
ffmpeg -i video.webm -i audio.weba -vcodec copy output.mp4

合成后的 output.mp4 将是有声音的

FFmpeg Download:

Windows: winget install ffmpeg