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Drake - First Person Shooter ft. J. Cole
Drake - First Person Shooter ft. J. Cole

Listen to For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition: Director - Gibson Hazard EP/Producer - Liam Akiva EP - Christian Tyler Executive Producer /Creative Direction- Drake, qJamil "Big Juice" 'Davis Creative Direction - Jack Bannon & Reduciano  Production Company - House of Hazard x Denim Line Producer - Cam Frengopoulos & Alex Dall’Orso Associate Producer - Jackie De Niverville Production Manager - Trevor Evoy Production Coordinator - Amber Warus Cinematographer - Bobby Shore 1st AC - Dave Stuart B-Unit Director - Nick Dean Production Designer - Electa Porado Gaffer - Jordan Heguy Key Grip - Todd N Thompson Editors - Gibson Hazard & Jack Bannon Sound Design - Chris Smith & Jack Bannon 3D Animation Lead - Reduciano VFX - Mathematic  VFX - Karen Arakelian VFX - Pendulum VFX - Scissor Films VFX - Black Hat VFX - Aid6n.edits Colourist - Dante Pasquinelli Graphic Design - Alessandro Comotti Special thanks to Scotiabank Arena, House of Hazard, OVO, Dreamville and Vanessa Hoffer

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Synthesize video and audio(YouTube uses separate video and audio storage)

Method 1: Use paid downloads of synthesized video and audio files

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Method 2: Use PotPlayer to combine video and audio playback

Method 3: Use FFmpeg to combine video and audio into one file

ffmpeg -i video.webm -i audio.weba -vcodec copy output.mp4

The synthesized output.mp4 will have sound

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