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The Guardians of the Galaxy Logo Reveals Who DIES! 😵 (Marvel) #shorts
The Guardians of the Galaxy Logo Reveals Who DIES! 😵 (Marvel) #shorts

Can You Speak Groot? ► Who will DIE in Guardians of the Galaxy 3? Well, Loyal Theorists, if you’ve been paying close attention like I have been, then you’ll know Marvel has ALREADY revealed the answer! Not only that, but they’ve been secretly telling us every death since the first movie! Let me explain. . . Get Your TheoryWear! ► Don't miss a Film Theory! ► Credits: Writers: Matthew Patrick and Forrest Lee Editors: AbsolutePixel Sound Designer: Yosi Berman #GuardiansoftheGalaxy #Marvel #GuardiansoftheGalaxy3 #Groot #RocketRacoon #GuardiansoftheGalaxyvol3 #Drax #MCU #MCUShorts #Disney #Theory #FilmTheory #Matpat #Trailer

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